Decision Making Management 

We are the leader in Decision Making Management (DMM). Using our tools, processes and theory leads to diversity and inclusion through reliable and timely decisions.

KiE Labs empowers people to contribute their competencies to bring about jointly supported decisions, so everybody has the chance to succeed.


KiE Labs is the leader in Decision Making Management

Make reliable and timely decisions 


Decision Making Management (DMM) is a set of DM Processes and our digitized DMM Tool the DecisionMaker. It’s easy to bring about decisions timely and reliable like prioritizations and commitments remote as well as face to face. 

DMM is designed and aligned with the human decision-making process, scientifically based. The Decision-Making Aritecture is orientated towards Nudges, Richard H. Thaler Nobel Price 2017. Cognitive biases are avoided by DMM, Daniel Kahnemann, Nobel Price 2002. 

DMM involves closing the gap between ”who” - the people - and “what” - the methods. DMM and digitized DMM (dDMM) empowers people so they get a chance to do well. No more gridlock and endless discussions, but jointly supported decisions, made deterministically. 

Decide with solid
Decision Making Processes

Jointly supported decisions can be brought about reliably with practice proven and robust DM Processes as an accepted rating system, consciously using intuition, bringing about jointly supported WeQuality, and prioritization as well as commitment processes.


Accepted rating
system – intuitive and cognitive

The KiE Scale timely and reliable rating and always forces a clear decision.

It is just as suitable for individual as for team decisions as well as for intuitive and cognitive ratings.

KiE Intuition.png

The ability to consciously use the intelligence of intuition

The intuition works in every decision, whether we perceive it or not, we should'nt ignore it. Integrated into Decision Making tools, intuition becomes a conscious decision: guaranteed, fast and precise.

Resource Question.png

Takes everyone with
their competences in charge

The Resource Questions initiates a clear procedure

that leads quickly to


The parties involved are

made aware of their duty

to contribute to a solution.

DecisionMaking Strategy.png

Decision-making triad intuition, cognition, intuition

To bring about good decisions reliable and timely,

all decisions should be aligned to the order of the evolutionary decision systems intuition - cognition – intuition.


Producing jointly accepted quality together

The WeQuality Process brings together quality and mutually support into a clear and distinct process. In a self-responsible and self-organized way people get the chance to succeed.

Prioritization Process.png

The core task, what is done and what is not done

What is to be done and what is not? A reliable Process which topics are urgent and important. People do not make decisions when they are unsure what else they need to do.

Commitment Process.png

The heart of DMM - jointly supported decisions

A real commitment significantly reduces the effort needed for delegation and control and is a central component of self-organi-zation and a prerequisite for developing ownership.

Integrative Leadership.png

Bring leading and

agile way of working together

A disruptive step of the view of leadership itself.

Decisions are made jointly supported with reliable decision-making processes - by the leader and by team together

Why Teams as well as Leaders
choose the DecisionMaker


Stop failed and challenging projects

Successful projects and happy people save money and time.


End Painful Remote Meetings

Efficient meetings and good decisions with a 100% participation.


Stop Racism, Sexism, Ageism and all “isms”

Give people a voice, anonymously, no anchoring or priming.


Not aligned inefficient Teams

Use all competences with 100% participation in solid DM Processes.


Agreement, instead of Commitments

Jointly supported decisions, that everybody gets the chance to do well.


Discrimination, Conflicts and Exclusion

Eliminate “isms” leveraging your team’s combined expertise.

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How to Solve Crisis with A New Way of Making Decisions

Executives rate 75% of all meetings as inefficient. This is confirmed by both McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review. For business leaders and teams is making decisions stressful and frustrating.
Traditional forms of decision-making are simply not good enough.

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